Servicing & Repairs

Over time your shade sails may require general repairs to worn areas. Shades 4 All offer the service of maintaining and repairing your shade sail. This includes re-stitching and replacing of material. If your shade sail has been damaged by a storm we can most often of the time repair with re-stitching and re-tensioning, but if your shade sail is not repairable due to severe storm damage we can provide a quote for replacement under your insurance policy.



Over time dust and dirt can build up, therefore shade sails need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We recommend cleaning your shade sail every 6 -12 months or as required. Cleaning will keep your shade cloth in better condition.

Shades 4 All are pleased to offer the service of cleaning your shade sail on a regular basis.  We also provide advise on the condition of your existing sail and how to maintain it.

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